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Sankhya Dance Company, in its form and content, is fired by the quest to find the modernity within classical. Its forte is Bharatanatyam through which it investigates, involves and interrogates various themes and concepts for dance. Founded by Vaibhav Arekar in 2009 Sankhya came as a natural extension of his artistic vision to have a company of dancers who engage and invest purely in dance performance. Today with the added dynamics and vision of its Co-director Sushant Jadhav, Sankhya is recognized as a premier Dance Company based in Mumbai. Needless to say Sankhya's artistes practice dance as a way of life. Sankhya has danced nationally and internationally on prestigious dance venues.

Welcome to sankhya About Team
Sushant Jadhav Director
An impressive command over the strikingly diverse idioms of Creative dance, Indian Folk and Kathak; a keen sensitivity towards light design; an eye for costume design; and an undying love for performance has made Sushant Jadhav a choreographer-dancer-director of credibility. As a Director, with an appreciation for these varied modes of expression, Sushant creates his work of art that is entertaining, meaningful and spectacular.
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Sushant, over the last seven years, is deeply associated with Sankhya Dance Company and functioning as its Co-director. He is deeply involved in all its creative endeavours as well as its administrative functioning. He is the Director of Sankhya’s annual dance Festival called SINDHU-celebrating dance.


Sushant received initial guidance in Kathak from Gurumaa late Sushri Madhurita Sarang. He has been fortunate to receive training in the Uday Shankar style of dance under the legendary dancer-choreographer Sachin Shankar under the Ballet Unit, Mumbai. He has Kathak training under renowned dancer-choreographer-academician Guru Smt. Rajashree Shirke. And later under renowned Kathak choreographer Guru Smt. Kumudini Lakhia at her dance institute ‘Kadamb’ in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Sushant has personally assisted one of the lead choreographers from the Marathi Film Industry Shri Narendra Pandit. He has undergone training for two years at Shaimak Davar Institute of Performing Arts, been as assistant to noted choreographer Smt. Indumati Lele, and has been trained in acting under highly reputed director –actress- producer Nadira Babbar.


Sushant has been choreographing for past 15 years a wide range of folk and creative dances for various Festivals and occasions. Sushant’s choreography has traversed between diverse regions and its forms, not losing its originality, with an artistic ease and creativity. His venture “Namo Gurjari Namostute”- has been applauded for bringing alive the entire art and culture of Gujarat on a stage in India and USA (2012).

For past 6 years several dance sequences in Folk and classical have been choreographed and designed by Sushant for Sankhya’s Poland tour.

“Usha- Aniruddha” his latest successful venture is a stunning dance spectacle that has artistes from across the globe. It has successfully performed over 25 shows in India and Poland.


  • 2016- Performance tour of USA of a thematic work in Kathak- Krishnapriya
  • 2016- Has performed Kathak at the Min’on concerts in Japan
  • 2009,2012-2014, 2015, 2016 Has performed Kathak and directed the mega show ‘Usha-Aniruddha” at the Festival Indii in Poland
  • 2012- Has performed Kathak at the Min’on concerts in Japan
  • 2012 June/July- has extensively toured over 50 days the length and breadth of USA with his own work “Namo Gurjari Namostute”.
  • 2009-At the Indian Embassy in Berlin as performed Kathak.
  • 2009- His role of Krishna in the musical “Sathwaro Shri Radhe Shyamno” brought him high popularity on his tour of USA.
  • In 2007, travelling to over ten cities in Australia has performed in a lead role with the production “Dreamgirls of Bollywood”.
  • In 2004 had travel to France, Kenya, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Canada with the major Folk Dance Production – as an assistant dance choreographer as well as a lead dancer.
  • In 2003 had toured Republic of Croatia for 37th Medunarodna Smotra Folklore festival Zagreb.
  • In 2001 had performed for 3rd International Folklorefestival Denetzare in Erfurt Germany.
  • In 2001-02 had performed for Solaris Dance Theatre as accomplished folk dancer and toured France (Paris), and number of states in USA.
  • 1999 -International Folk Festival Folklore Global in Austria and toured Tallian, and Ottawa Folk Dance Festival Canada.
  • In 1998 had toured international folk Dance Festival Springville World Folkfest 1998 USA, Holland, Czech-Republic.


  • Performed Kathak with the renowned danseuse Parwati Dutta’s troupe and recently performed, apart from other places, at the prestigious Music Academy Festival 2012. Chennai.
  • Has essayed the lead role of Krishna in over 250 performances of the highly popular stage musical “Sathwaro Shri Radhe Shyamno” in India and abroad.
  • Has widely performed with Bombay Company’s Radhika’ including the prestigious Ellora Festival 2007.
  • As a performer in Hema Malini’s dance troupe Natyavihar Kalakendra for 2-3 years has performed in major festivals all over India.
  • As classical dancer with Lasya’s performance wing has performed in some of the prestigious classical festival from Mumbai Festival (2006), Kalaghoda Festival (2007), Yatra Dance Festival (2005-06-07) and Prithvi Festival (Platform performances)-2006.
  • Also worked with well –known actress Jaya Prada in her production ‘Amrapali’which has been showcased in Agra Festival, Ellora Festival 2005 among many other performances in India.
  • Has extensively performed with Sachin Shankar Ballet Unit Mumbai in year 2001-05. Has danced in all there productions like the highly acclaimed- “Gandhi” (it was invited to perform in ther honorable presence of Former President of India Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam), “Cricket”, “Statue”, :Besant Street” and others.
  • Performed for the National Games- 1994, for the opening and closing ceremony at pune organized by Government of Maharashtra, under Smt. Mamata Shankar.
  • Has Played the pivotal role of Rama in Sachin Shankar Ballet Unit’s Marathi dance production “Katha Hi Rama Janakichi”.

Dance to me is my first love, the only passion and lots and lots of fun. It has been with me since childhood like a best friend. It is an expression of joy and sometimes the only remedy to life filled with questions. Learning to dance has not only taught me the adavus, hastas and movements, but has also enhanced my personality as an artist. It has made me responsible and disciplined; a better human being. I owe it all to dance! She has been there with Sankhya and seen both grow right through the years. One of the main hands in the success of Sankhya, Sayali can be without a doubt called one of the vertebras of this dance company!
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Dance for me is the inner urge to LIVE. If I don’t dance for a week I feel very restless. What interests nen the most in dance is the journey between, every movement that has its own expression and every expression that has its own movement. I always strive to give my best performance, be it before an audience or the white wall! It’s a lovely feeling. Sometimes when I cannot express in words, dance becomes my language.
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Being in the days of the yore, trying to sound cool the innocent me aspired to be a dancer, little did I realize it was to be my reality! This reality would not have been possible without my Gurus, I am always indebted to. Dance as an art seems simple at superficial level, but only when you dive into its intricacies you start feeling the depth and hence forth the search for its nuances continues. Dance for me is happiness from within. It has been my backbone and raised me from hardships all my life. In life itself, it dawned upon me, the wonders this art does to you! As part of my dissertation for Master’s degree I presented a research paper in which I tried to address the question, "What is 'classical' about classical styles with regards to learning, teaching & performing." Since then I can certainly say there is an unknown symphony in dance which has many chords to it. And to strike the right chord showers the success of an artist. Dance takes me to a complete new world, and to encompass its vastness with subtlety is the challenge that I love.
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